Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Beautiful Outdoor Family Portrait Session

Let us come to your favorite outdoor location to capture you and your family in the beauty of natural light!

Our outdoor photo session brings a unique, natural quality to family portrait photography and breaks the monotony of studio portraits.

We’ll meet you in a park, near a river, or in your own backyard! (depending on location, travel fee may also apply)The Jones Family-126

Family portrait sessions include the following:

  • One Photographer
  • One full hour of photography (actual photo time, not including prep time)
  • Minimun 15-20 High Resolution photos burned onto a CD
  • Up to 3 different locations during the 1 hour photo session
  • All photos are fully post processed with retouching, color, and contrast adjustments
  • Online gallery where you can download your pictures

See our latest outdoor photo session here:

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About the Process: So, you’re probably wondering how it takes us a whole hour to get only 15-20 final photographs. Do we just show up, take 20 pictures in 15 minutes, then hang out for the remaining 45? NO. For a typical family portrait photo shoot, we spend the entire hour taking photos of you and your loved ones. For a shoot like this we’ll end up taking anywhere from 100-150 photographs. Why so many? Well…people blink, children cry, folks make funny faces, dogs don’t stay, cousin Tommy has to use the rest room – you get the point. We then narrow down the photos to the best 25 to 40 and we provide you with an initial proofing gallery from which you can choose your favorite 20 photographs. Depending on how difficult the lighting and shooting situation is, in a worst case scenario — we may only end up with 15 to 20 good images. Lastly, we will apply artistic post processing magic to the photos to adjust them for color, contrast, cropping and blemishes. This is when we also create your Black and White or Sepia images if that was your preference. We will deliver these wonderful, beautifully processed, finished images for you to download online in full resolution and/or burn them on a CD and mail them to you.

?What if we end up with more than 20 good photos and you’d like to choose more? Easy — We’ll make sure you get more photos.  We want you to go away from our photo shoot with as many photos of your family as possible.  Depending on how many more of these photos need post processing will depend if there is an additional fee.

Family Portrait