Photoshoot Details

Photoshoot details

Order of events

1.Contact MHoPro for a photo shoot (preferably, by email at first to get all the FAQs taken care of quickly). Then feel free to call and talk about any questions or ideas you may have.

2. Schedule a photo shoot date. Weekends or weekdays after 5 p.m. are best.

3. Send a deposit and start preparing for the shoot.

4. Come to the photo shoot prepared with all your fun toys.

5. With in a week your photo shoot proofs will be available for your private viewing online. You will receive an email with the url to view your shoot. The online proof gallery will remain on the server for 1 month. After one month the shoot becomes archived. If you wish to review your proof gallery at a later time a reloading fee will apply.

6. You select the photos that you would like to use from the shoot. (If you want more than what is included in your package you are welcome to purchase additional images or the entire shoot.)

7. Your images are cropped, processed, and light retouching if needed. If this is a recent shoot this takes about a week. (If the shoot has been archived, turn around time varies greatly).

8. Images are provided for immediate online downloads.

9. This is a perfect time to send a testimonial and do a link exchange.


Deposit and Cancellation policy:
To reserve a time slot and book a session, please pay a deposit of $50 via money order or check. Checks need to be written to “MHoPro LLC”. We’ll email you the address to send it to.  If you need to cancel your date, please give us ample notice! (We would rather you rescheduled early on rather then cancel at the last minute). If you cancel less than a week prior to the shoot, we’ll have to keep the deposit to cover the opportunity cost (unless you are able to find a replacement for your time slot).

Optional advertising offer:
Standard model release
If you are interested in signing a model release I would love to consider including you our publications.

What is a model release? The model release gives permission to the photographer to use your images commercially, this creates many more promotional opportunities for you, because the photographer promotes your image through our commercial work.

Loss or damages:
If for some reason the files are lost or damaged after the shoot and before providing the 6 promised images, the photographer, Sarah Skinner is not liable past the cost of the shoot. The paid money will be refunded or another comparable shoot will be given.

After the images are provided MHoPro does not guarantee archiving the images. We recommend making a backup copy of the images.

Number of photos:
That depends on the package you purchase – please see pricing. For a standard shoot it is 100 digital captures, We are known to shoot more.

Image format:
We use a digital camera. You will receive a digital download with your images on it. This is a wonderful advantage to you since you can print out as many photos as you like at no extra fee.

Image use policy for event photos or full priced photo shoots:
We give the permission to the model to use our photographs of that model for personal promotion such as personal web sites; show fliers, and dancer business cards. Please give me photo credit were possible.

MHoPro still retains the copyright and does not release resale rights. Meaning the image can not be resold to a third party such as a record label or stock image resource.

If the photo is used in a publication, a product advertisement, or on a product, a photo credit is required. We kindly request that you notify us when it is on a product or an ad so that we may put it in my brag book.