Video Production

Real Estate Videos:

• There are currently over 900 Million Internet Users Online.
• 25% of all Searches Online involve Real Estate and Finance.
• 90% of Agents and 80% of all Home Searches begin Online.
• Nearly 80% of Internet searchers are for Multimedia and Video.

These are the things that MHoPro keeps in mind when developing our products.

Real Estate Video Helps You Save Time and Money.

Video tours save buyers and sellers countless hours in preview appointments and open houses. True video tours provide life-like video walk-throughs of your real estate properties, allowing buyers to get a real sense of the property’s scale and flow. By offering video tours of your listings, you give your clients a means of previewing your listings before they take the next step of scheduling an appointment – saving everyone countless hours in the decision making process. In truth, buyers who view video tours often take up to three times less the amount of time when making a purchase decision!

Using Video Helps You Rise Above the Competition Online.

As we all know, inventories are amassing, prices are coming down, there are fewer buyers, and your competition is working hard to move their listings. The question is – how are you working to stand apart from the competition? Using video is a powerful way for you to differentiate yourself from other agents online, and can even help you to secure more listings. Telling a prospective client that you will have a video tour of their home produced and marketed online is a really good incentive for them to list with you, and an even better reason for them to come back!


Most real estate video pricing depends on the size of a home.  Our basic price start around $350 for homes $300,000 or less in the Denver Area and up to $500 for home around $500,000.  Adding voice over and music typically cost an additional $50, depending on the amount of information needed to be added.  Give us a call for a quote, for we are happy to help you show the world why they should buy your home.

Music Videos

At MHoPro Productions we’re not just videographers, we’re music lovers!  We appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to play original music.  When we create your video, we’ll put the same energy into our work as you put into your music.   We work hard to help you put forward the look, style, and feel you want to convey to your audience.  We can also help you define your look by capturing you in a way that truthfully reflects your art, style, and philosophy.  During a video shoot, we use up to 6 cameras simultaneously to capture different angles.

We use our diverse perspectives develop and define the final production.  Whether you want your video to be a live performance shoot or if you want to tell a story by filming different scenes — we can handle it!  If you only have a partial idea that you want to develop, we can help you with that as well. When you work with us, we Guarantee you’ll have a good time and be happy with the results!

Digital post-production is an important part of every job. For each project we spend several hours transforming the raw digital footage from the camera by carefully adjusting the colors, cuts, and special effects.


Pricing for music videos starts at an affordable $500

An example of an entry level video at this starting rate can be seen here: