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Equipment of a Professional Photographer

It has taken me years and quite a few car payments to build up my gear set to where it is.  Do you have to have top of the line gear to be a good photographer….No, but it sure helps!  I am always buying new things, and this list is constantly growing, but this gives […]

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

The Answer Is Simple: VALUE! Whenever we make a purchase, we consider the “value” we receive. It’s no different when hiring a professional photographer. Unfortunately, not many people readily understand the value of hiring a professional photographer. Below we provide some insight into the value a professional photographer brings. Interest In You:  A professional photographer […]

More Business Portrait Tips

More Business Portrait Tips More Tips ✓Glasses create glare, distortion and darkness.  If you wear glasses, please ask your optometrist to loan you a pair of frames without lenses.  Eyes that “pop” and grab your attention are the single most important factor in great portraits.  Yes, getting special glasses is a hassle, BUT IT IS […]